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The Prisoner 01 "Arrival" & 02 "The Chimes of Big Ben" | PrisonerChatz 01

Episode Summary

Hello and welcome to Chatz Season 7: PrisonerChatz! If you're new to the podcast, welcome. Magellan and Allen here discussing the first two episodes of the cult classic TV show The Prisoner, and BOY did we enjoy them a lot! We hope you'll stick around, and we encourage folks to check out our backlog of episodes here if any of them catch your fancy. Worth noting that you WILL get more out of listening if you've seen the show, but you do not NEED to watch/have watched the episodes to enjoy the podcast! We do our best to make every episode's discussion self-contained, and we generally summarize at the top of each discussion. This week, we fall in love with Number Six, give our early theories on the nature of The Village, and discuss this show's relationship to the Cold War!

Episode Notes

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