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Babylon 5 5.21 "Objects at Rest" & 5.22 "Sleeping in Light" | Chatzylon 5 64

Episode Summary

The ChatzKidz say goodbye to Babylon 5 for now with a somber goodbye followed by a deeply thoughtful meditation on our relationship to space, the members of our community, and Vir having sex finally. Warts and all, we can safely say this show will stick with us for the rest of our lives. Come back next week for a Season 5 ranking/recap, as well as our parting thoughts on Babylon 5 as a whole before we dive into the Crusade pilot movie and the series itself in the coming weeks. What a ride, folks... Thank you as always for listening to our podcast. We always get emotional towards the end of a Chatz season, and Chatzylon 5 has introduced us to so many wonderful new members of the Chatz community that I can't thank enough for sticking around.

Episode Notes

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